W GOSHAOM. The villain of Season 2 of Evil, Episode 10, “O Is for Ovaphobia”, which now runs on Paramount +, has been released.

When David decided to focus his efforts on eliminating RSM fertility, the team followed in their footsteps by meeting the parents of children in previous episodes to learn more about the clinic. This includes: Sarah McChrystal, who Season 1 TV viewers will remember, allegedly killed her own son, Eric, after she threw her baby in the family pool, և Matilda Moubray’s biological mother, Diocese. No mom remembers anything weird about the clinic, but Diocese mentions that at a young age, Matilda had sharp, dog-like teeth, which interests Christine.

Ben և David և interviews Kristen about her experience at RSM և Lexis, who was born with the help of a clinic և grows sharp teeth. Like any mother, Kristen offends Ben over Lexis’s alleged “devil.” “Nature, however, is not able to provide any other information to the team, describing the experience as completely normal.


Although Lexis does not play the role of the devil, he has problems with the body image, which is personified by the queen-style tail of the Vashti, which she sees attached to her body when looking in the mirror. This is mainly due to the influential videos he watches, which prompt him to use special strips to whiten teeth, wrap his thighs in plastic wrap to make them look thinner. While shopping for family, she even decides to buy clothes that are too big for her for fear of looking bad in a small outfit.

Cheryl is shopping with her daughters and grandchildren looking for something new to wear to the “influential” party Leland invited her to. She chooses a stunning red dress and steals it from the store, but not before talking to Kristen, who notices problems with Lexis’ body image. “She will overcome it,” says Cheryl. “Problems with body image disappear. You look in the mirror, you see something that is not real. He is not fat. So, if Lex sees himself as fat, he will eventually see himself as he really is. ”

Meanwhile, Ben’s girlfriend Vanessa has problems with Maggie, her dead sister, whose spirit lives in her body. Ben asks her to see a psychologist, but Vanessa decides to go to Botnitsa, the same spice shop Lila visited at Z Is for Zombie. Ben agrees to go with her, urging Vanessa to confess his love for her. Ben hesitates, but answers.

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At the botany, Ben և Vanessa meets the shop owner, Miss Marie, and they are expected to have a show / rehearsal, depending on how people look at things, including knocking on tables, blowing winds, and blinking lights. Miss Marie begs Maggie for her sister to live a normal life, which causes Vanessa to faint. But the process probably works when Miss Marie announces that Maggie is no longer Vanessa.

Kristen calls RSM to get some information from her account and finds out that someone paid for the storage of her eggs without her knowledge. However, when asked who the mysterious donor was, he was told that it was “company policy” not to disclose the information over the phone. He personally visits the clinic the next day, but is headed by a bureaucrat to the receptionist, admitting that “this place is terrible.” clinic, has been paying for the preservation of its eggs for the last few years. The receptionist also denies the foundation’s information that the world is coming to an end, that “we must be kind to each other.” You know, the farewell to the usual reception.

Ben examines Vanessa, who has become more flirtatious, full of sex, “raised” overnight. Ben tries to persuade her to go to Kristen for his question, assuming that Miss Marie’s method did not work. But Vanessa tells Ben that her sister is gone, but she is the wrong sister, because now it seems that Maggie is in control of the sisters’ body. But the next night, he begins to respond to Vanessa, dispelling Ben’s concerns.

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With the help of Sarah McChrystal, Kristen is able to stand up to Dr. Otri over her eggs. Dr. Otri claims that he does not remember Kristen, that he often takes upon himself the salvation of “abandoned” eggs from destruction due to his “religious beliefs”. Kristen sees this as an invasion of her personal life, a body, and threatens to sue the doctor. Dr. Otri responded with a list of false accusations against Kristen, revealing that he knew he had previously worked for the DA, that he had been fired. Kristen is in a storm, but it turns out that Kristen staged everything, scaring Dr. Otri, whom Ben and David chase after Leland’s apartment after leaving the office.

Cheryl arrives at the party, which is apparently a white party, both in the race and in the dress code, and meets Edward. (West Wing’s Tim Matheson), “The most influential person at this party,” according to Leland. They both hit it off, and Cheryl lightly ridiculed her occupation as “influential,” a word that “means absolutely nothing at the same time.” The next night he meets her again, when he ends up with a client who “wanted to solve his problems by murder”, from which Edward kicked him out. Cheryl, of course, has no further questions; she accepts the drink she made for herself at the bar.

That same night, Ben visits Vanessa, who is now Maggie again. Ben thinks this is a joke until he calls Vanessa when Maggie is standing right in front of him. Maggie even talks on the phone to Vanessa, who is angry that Ben was sleeping with his sister; Ben runs away from the room in horror.

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Later in the evening, Edward and Cheryl arrive at Leland’s apartment, laughing, drinking, and waiting for Leland to finish his chocolate strawberry. “If you tried to stand up right now, could you?” Edward asks Cheryl. At first Cheryl accepts this as a drunken challenge, but when she can not move her legs, she realizes that Edward had done something with his drink before. “Try to shout for me,” Edward asks disgustingly, knowing full well that Cheryl can’t do it either. He then injects her with serum until he and Leland put him on the floor.

Leland creates a mood by wearing it The Nutcracker “The Sugar Plum Tale Dancing” grabs a jar of mysterious liquid from the room next to his apartment, which also hosts the captive Dr. Otri. Edward is lying next to Cheryl, Leland injects fluid into both of them, like a blood transfusion.

The next morning, Kristen arrives at RSM with a court order, demanding the return of her 12 stored eggs. The clinic is happy to order, but there are only 11 eggs in stock, although Kristen was convinced that they were 12.

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While driving with Dr. Otri in attendance, David notices that his car is still in front of Leland’s apartment. He enters a building where he is greeted by a happy Edward and Cheryl, who tell David that Leland has left that day. Suspicious, David retreats.

At home, Kristen catches Lexis applying face cream and decides to intervene. She shows the photos of the influential woman she follows without makeup, revealing that the idol of Lexis beauty is not as perfect as she looks. “Influential people pretend to be beautiful easily, but they use every trick on the book’s social media to intimidate other women who try to follow their example,” Kristen told Lexis as a touching mother-daughter moment. “The thing is, Lexi, you are beautiful … Everyone has flaws, but flaws are what make you unique and different. Hug it. ”

Lexis wholeheartedly accepts her mother’s advice by throwing away her oversized clothes and polyethylene blanket, embracing her body and herself as she is. Heck, he’s even starting to love his tail.

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The-Man Reboot villains are the franchisee's most tragic to date

The-Man Reboot villains are the franchisee’s most tragic to date

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