Get a Brighter Smile With These Top-Rated At-Home Teeth Whitening Tools

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After drinking coffee every day for six years, I noticed that my teeth started to look stained. Definitely no smart Despite investing in a tough neat electric toothbrush, the stains persisted, so I decided to try teeth whitening at home.

Painted teeth can be frustrating, especially in the age of Instagram, where: all has shiny white teeth. I mean, how come the enamel on the teeth is still under that influence? I would like to know.

I did not want to waste a ton of cash on expensive dental treatment. Fortunately, DIY teeth whitening kits have a moment. Now that everyone is mostly at home 24/7, there is more time to do a 30 minute LED whitening set while watching TV. Or, if you’re a little lazy like me, you can quickly apply a whitening pen before going to bed and let the gel work wonders while you sleep. Also, most teeth whitening kits cost less than $ 50.

In my search for white teeth, I did some research և gathered the best home whitening kits, including whitening tapes, LED whitening systems, whitening gels and whitening pens. Some are intense and time consuming. They remind you of a trip to the dentist. Then there are other treatments that are super-sensitive to your teeth and perfect for touching. There is something for everyone, even people who are lazy.

I am now on a whitening routine because I do not want to bring my coffee-stained teeth back to quarantine. If your plan is the same as mine, browse these 10 collections below.

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Sincerely, Crest.

Crest Whitestrips

These low-maintenance Crest tapes are very popular for a reason. You just put the strips on your teeth, sit down and let them work their magic for 30 minutes. You can talk ել drink water as long as they do not slip when in contact with them.

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The gift of AuraGlow.

AuraGlow whitening system

After using this comprehensive kit, you will feel like your own dentist. You use the whitening gel in the tray, stick it in your mouth, turn on the LED light և wait 30 minutes. LED light speeds up the bleaching process. Just make sure you do not eat or drink for an hour after use. AuraGlow claims that you will see some results with a single use.

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Sincerely, Colgate.

Colgate whitening pen

This night whitening pen is very easy to use. After brushing your teeth, you press the down button to activate the serum, then gently rub it on each tooth with a pen. When you wake up in the morning, you clean the serum from your teeth. The result can boast in a week. You can put this pen in your purse or in a hand trip without a second thought.

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In the mood of Crest.

Crest whitening emulsions

This collection is great for people with sensitive teeth. You just squeeze the whitening emulsions on the wand. It’s that easy. In addition, this formula contains drops of hydrogen peroxide that moisturize. If you want extra energy, you can choose a set that comes with LED light.

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Sincerely, GLO.

GLO Teeth whitening accessories

If you are a little impatient with the results, you should try this collection. After applying the whitening gel to your teeth, use a GLO preheated microphone to intensify your whitening experience. It will turn off automatically in eight minutes, then you will repeat the process three more times. Some reviewers saw a difference in just five days.

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Thanks to the moon.

Bleach-approved whitening pen

If you’ve wanted pearl whites like Kendall en, look at this whitening pen. Where many of the whitening pens smell like dental office, this one contains lavender oil, strawberry fruit extract and honeysuckle flower extract. Applying will definitely be more fun.

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News from iSmile.

iSmile whitening package

If you are not excited about using one of the 30 minute LED backlit trays, the iSmile version is much faster. Use this whitening kit for just 10 minutes a day to remove unwanted stains. iSmile is proud that after a week of use, your teeth will be eight shades of white.

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Sincerely, Tarte.

Vegan Pen Tart:

Simply apply a whitening brush to each tooth to allow it to work harder. The whitening gel will not damage your enamel, it works instantly. This pen is perfect for traveling. You can brush your teeth before the happy hour. Besides, it ‘s vegan.

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Sincerely, GO Smile.

GO Smile whitening gel

This highly rated whitening gel can make a noticeable difference in just two days, according to GO Smile. Unlike other whitening gels, you apply this gel directly to your teeth, like toothpaste. If you have persistent spots along your chewing gum lines, you will want to try this one.

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News from zimba.

Teeth whitening strips

You will not mind wearing Zimba whitening strips for 30 minutes like Fun Fun toothpaste. These enamel whitening layers have a variety of fun flavors: classic mint, peach, cinnamon, etc. The layers will remove the stains without causing discomfort.

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