Teeth whitening with LED light charged through your smartphone seems like science fiction. But could it whiten teeth without causing sensitivity? I tried to find out.

Raise your hand if you want whiter teeth, but be afraid of the unpleasant side effects of unpleasant nerve teeth that can come from home whitening kits. I had to put both hands down to write this review.

At home, I used to whiten my teeth several times over the years with over-the-counter whitening tapes, keeping sharp whiteness in cups of coffee, and whitening toothpaste. Then I went to the dentist and had a toothache. The hygienist told me to take a break from the layers of Crest. My teeth whitening went into the trash, and over time my smile faded. Find out how long you really need to brush your teeth.

Home teeth whitening kits and coatings are popular because they are affordable and give fast results. But if you have ever whitened your teeth at home, you are probably familiar with the extraction of pearl proteins against toothache. But what if there is a way to whiten the pain at home? Enter Glowup.

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Overview of LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Glowup is a personalized, sample set of home teeth whitening products. Glowup uses dozens of factors to influence your smile color to quickly analyze your results from an online quiz (complete with animated GIFs). It takes about five minutes to cover topics such as your tooth sensitivity, natural color, brushing habits, diet to customize bleaching formula.

In fact, the results of the quiz determine how much hydrogen peroxide-sodium bicarbonate to add to your teeth whitening gel. These are the main components of teeth whitening, their coefficients affect the sensitivity of the results. Express meaning!

After completing the quiz, emphasizing my fear of toothache, I received a Glowup collection in the mail. The small set has three plastic syringes that are pre-filled with your custom bleaching gel և plastic mouthpiece. This is where it becomes interesting. The mouthpiece has three wired USB drives at the end. One of them will fit your smartphone, will charge the blue light of the tray, intensifying the bleaching process. Neat!

What does a dentist think about LED teeth whitening?

Since I take my oral health quite seriously, I reached out to ie uli Cho DMD for his thoughts on Glowup. “LED light activates oxygen-free molecules from peroxide, allowing it to penetrate stains,” explained Dr. Cho. “It’s completely safe.” He warns that the whitening gel will not leave on the teeth for too long, which can dry out your teeth and make them look dull after dehydration. Follow the timelines that come with Glowup և you should be fine.

Chon also recommends that this type of teeth whitening works best on superficial spots caused by drinking coffee, tea, red wine or smoking cigarettes. “If your teeth are genetically yellow, it will be harder to whiten them.”

After using Glowup for two months, I planned to clean with my dentist. As soon as I sat down in the chair, the hygienist commented on how white my teeth were. I had no toothache while cleaning. I would call it a success story. If you go to the dentist for your own examination, here is what you can expect at the dental offices that reopened during COVID-19.

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How to use LED tooth whitening kit

Using Glowup LED teeth whitening kit is fairly straightforward. Start with freshly brushed teeth. Then squeeze about 1/4 bottle of whitening gel onto the top and bottom trays of the teeth. Connect the bleach light to the charging port of your phone. Then hold the tray with the light in your mouth for 10 minutes և allow the gel to work against the spots.

The blue light is quite dim. It did not distract me while I was watching TV, whitening. In fact, I turned on my phone camera several times to make sure the blue light was still shining. It makes for a pretty fun selfie.

The whitening gel does not taste great, although it does contain chamomile aloe to help flavor it. I was definitely ready to rinse it off in 10 minutes.

I noticed an immediate increase in whiteness. Not as dramatic as the one I got with the white stripes and whitening toothpaste, but some improvement. And more importantly, I did not feel any toothache or numbness. If I had not been so concerned with tooth sensitivity, I think the results of my whitening would have been even more dramatic.

Dr. Cho has two suggestions for whitening teeth without any pain during whitening. “Use a toothpaste like Sensodyne to help with toothache,” she says. “And for a few weeks, avoid eating and drinking anything that could contaminate your teeth. The basic rule is to avoid anything that can stain a white shirt. ”

I waited another month to test Glowup in low time, repeating the blue light process. During this session, I noticed a slight increase in the whiteness of the pearl, I still did not feel any toothache. Because Glowup stores my resolution on files, I can increase or decrease the power over time.

Teeth whitening kit from Glowup

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Pros of the Glowup LED Teeth Whitening Kit

  • You can adjust your whitening gel to get white teeth without pain.
  • LED light enhances the whitening process, which means that the gel on the teeth lasts less time.
  • The results are fast. Expect to see an immediate difference in whiteness after the first session.
  • Kits start at $ 60 for a two-month supply. The road is cheaper than going to the dentist for whitening.
  • The connection is connected to three USB ports to charge the blue light.

Disadvantages of Glowup LED Teeth Whitening Accessories

  • Tooth whitening gel does not taste great.
  • You need a smartphone to use the blue light.

Where to buy LED teeth whitening kit

Glowup is only available on the company website. There are many models in the collection, though they all come with the same mouthpiece և LED light. The difference is how much whitening gel you use over time. I tried Standard for $ 60, which includes a two-month supply of whitening gel. The Gold package includes a six-month supply for $ 75, and the Diamond package for $ 135 per year. If you need recharging or power adjustment, you can simply email it to the company. Farewell to the white stripes forever.

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