Have you eaten toothpaste for a long time? Take years with smile makeup.

As for the anti-aging problem, toothpaste can buy better than luxury face creams.

Experts agree that bad teeth can age you for more than 10 years.

One study showed 2,000 people photographing a woman, one with white teeth and the other with artificially painted teeth.

People who showed the picture with shiny teeth estimated that he was 31 years old, while those in the other photo thought he was 44.

Then again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

“We associate stained teeth with aging,” explains Dr. Tang Ngheim, London’s director of Ultrasmile Dental Practice.

“It simply came to our notice then. Restoring whiteness has the same effect as dyeing hair. It instantly gives back the clock. ”

Here’s how to get a brighter smile…

DIY home remedies

Better brush. If you do everything you can to turn your brush in your mouth every night, do not be surprised if your teeth are painted. Thorough cleaning should take at least two minutes. Use short strokes to brush the inside of the teeth և from the outside, focusing on the meeting of the gums.

Stick to the spots – Teeth whitening sticks offer a budget way to lighten individual stains on your teeth using a gentle whitening solution. But do not expect a drastic change. Try the Boots Expert Teeth Whitening Stick for 99 9.99.

Perform professional cleaning. Deep cleaning and polishing will make a big difference in the appearance of your teeth, ”says Dr. Ngheim. “Just visiting your hygienist (– 30-40 for a good cleansing) will get rid of all the white plaque, tartar and surface stains.”

Eat your way to a better smile. Some foods can make teeth shine. Apples and celery are rich in cellulose, a strong starch-like compound that acts as a natural abrasive to remove stains from tooth enamel. Strawberries have a natural whitening effect on your teeth. Simply rub a few, brush your teeth with a toothbrush to give a shine, and remove surface stains.

Paint the perfect puff – Before you buy lipstick, check what it looks like on your teeth. Orange-yellow shades make the teeth white-brittle, and bright blue-blue shades make the teeth whiter.

What’s new in dentistry?

Dr. Tang enhances how to improve your smile.

You want. Naturally white teeth

Treatment. Kor Deep Bleaching:

Make an impression on your teeth և Used to create whitening trays. Then your teeth are exposed to hydrogen peroxide. You should wear your whitening trays filled with whitening gel every two weeks և perform the final whitening treatment during surgery.

Results? Teeth can be lightened up to 20 shades, but do not worry, they are too white. “The results are natural, not the toilet bowl is white,” says Dr. Ngheim.

Cost from 95 895.

You want. Straight teeth – hurry

Treatment. Six-month smile

“This treatment works in the same way as traditional braces,” says Dr. Ngheim. “But it’s much faster, the brackets are not so visible.”

Results? Straight crunch. “But you can only do so much in six months,” says Dr. Ngheim. “The gold standard is still traditional braces.”

Cost: only the upper teeth – 2000 pounds. Top ին bottom 2 2,500.

You want. Straight teeth without metal-filled mouth

Treatment. Invisalign:

This includes wearing clear mouth trays that put pressure on the teeth, forcing them to move. You take out the trays to eat, drink and brush your teeth.

Dr. Ngheim says. “This is good for those who do not want to see anything on their teeth.”

Results? Straight teeth, but not as effective as a six-month smile or traditional braces. ”

Cost: upper teeth – 2000 pounds. Top ին bottom 2 2,500.

you want
goodbye to unpleasant silver fillings

Treatment. Cerec:

The silver fillings are removed և a digital image is taken, from which the Cerec machine can perfectly fit a white porcelain core in 15 minutes.

“Traditionally, stuffing replaces two appointments, two injections,” says Dr. Ngheim.

“But this car allows us to replace it in just one appointment.”

Results? “Ce glass has a glossy appearance that looks like ordinary enamel,” says Dr. Ngheim.

Cost: 45 645 per filling.

Do you want the ultimate treatment for cracked or stained teeth?

Treatment: Emax Thin Veneers

“Por glazing is the gold standard for a smile,” says Dr. Ngheim.

A thin layer is shaved in front of your tooth, and the veneer is cemented in place.

Results? “Your teeth should feel the same, but they should look shiny, white and straight,” says Dr. Ngheim.

Cost: 645 £ per tooth.