London-White dazzling smiles can be expensive business, but the mass of so-called “natural” teeth whitening methods has become an internet obsession.

All the websites are dedicated to incredible fruits, spices and oils, which seem to promise to give you a Hollywood smile on a small scale.

But can natural methods really whiten teeth effectively? We asked Dr. Uchenna Okoe, Clinical Director of London Smiling Dental Group…


Insist. Chop the ripe strawberry, dip the toothbrush in it և brush your teeth carefully. Your teeth will be whiter in two weeks.

The dentist’s verdict is true.

Strawberries contain citric acid, which can reduce the surface hardness of teeth. But they also contain milder malic acid, and the more ripe the strawberry, the higher the concentration of malic acid compared to more harmful citric acid.

So, choose a really ripe strawberry, rub it on your teeth և as soon as you peel the skin, it removes surface debris. Malic acid does not actually destroy the stain molecules, but the cleaned surface gives the teeth a whiter appearance. A gentle և effective natural bleach.

Turmeric powder

Demand. Mix half a teaspoon of dried turmeric powder with a few drops of water նել to make a thick paste. Dip your toothbrush (it will turn yellow) եք brush your teeth.

The usual cleaning time in two to three minutes is doubled, as it takes time to brush the yellow from the teeth and gums. The bright yellow spice (root) abrasive properties will clean your teeth.

Verdict. False

This is a recipe for disaster. The rule of thumb in dentistry is that anything that spoils a white shirt will break your teeth. All spices color teeth, but yellow spices are the worst.

Our teeth have tiny surface pores called dentin tubes, and colored molecules called chromogens block those microscopic holes. This is why your teeth look dark. You need to unblock these painted pores to make your teeth look whiter, but turmeric will just penetrate them.

Orange pie

Insist. The white part of the orange peel, և between the surface of the fruit և և the body և, contains d-limone, which can help remove stains from the teeth three weeks after use. Peel an orange, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Apply the white part of the peel on the teeth, leave the juice on your teeth for three to five minutes. Thoroughly brush your teeth to remove plaque, and after a few weeks the chemical will whiten your appearance.

Verdict. False.

My advice to all my patients is to be very careful with fruit juices and drink them with straw (if they need to drink juice).

So this statement contradicts all the advice, the scientific evidence, that I can think of.

Citric acid in orange dissolves tooth enamel. This erosion can lead to tooth decay, and when the erosion reaches the soft, inner layer of your tooth, known as the dentin, you will experience tenderness and pain. Avoid.

Banana peel

Insist. The high content of potassium, magnesium and manganese in bananas can help remove tooth stains. Simply peel a ripe banana, and grit your teeth for about two minutes. Your teeth will whiten in three weeks.

Verdict. True.

If you rub the skin, it can act as a gentle exfoliator, it will remove some spots on the surface, but the banana will not reach the pores of the enamel surface, so no real “deep” cleaning will take place.

However, I like the idea that you can eat bananas տալ give your teeth fast food before the meeting.


Demand. Brushing with apple cider vinegar (mix two parts water) will make teeth whiter, protect teeth and gums from bacteria.

Verdict. False.

Vinegar is a favorite of “detox” devotees. After swallowing, it mixes with the secretion of the pancreas in the intestines and becomes alkaline, but when it touches the teeth, it is acidic or weak.

This makes tooth enamel less resistant to damage, such as wetting chalk and then scraping the surface. Acid low acidity, such as strawberry malic acid, will not damage your teeth. But it will remove the deeper layer of enamel, which should be avoided.

Coconut oil

Announcement. A 3,000-year-old way to clean your teeth is to spin a tablespoon of oil (usually coconut, sesame or olive oil) around your mouth for 20 minutes every morning. Coconut oil sticks to the oil in the cell membranes of any bacteria in your mouth, so when you spit it out, you clean your mouth of unwanted microorganisms. Used by celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, who claim that it whitens teeth and improves the face.

Verdict. False:

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that “extracting oil”, as it is called, will whiten teeth or even remove bacteria.

Dropping oil around your mouth may remove some bacteria or debris, so after a thorough brushing session, your teeth may look cleaner. But no science has shown that applying oil will make your teeth whiter.

Soda bicarbonate

Insist. Soda bicarbonate is a mild abrasive that effectively removes stains from coffee, red wine and tea.

In a glass, mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of water, mix to make a paste, dip your toothbrush in the mixture, brush your teeth for a minute or two. Just a few days later you notice a difference.

Verdict. True.

Baking soda (otherwise known as baking soda) is somehow considered natural, but it is actually a chemical used in some tooth whitening products and toothpastes. It effectively removes plaque and debris from the surface of the teeth to make them look brighter, as it can neutralize bacterial acids in the mouth.

But it is an abrasive compound և, as such, if used too much, it will damage the tooth enamel.

Try to remove these surface spots three times a year, and rub the enamel or flannel with your finger to avoid damaging it.


Insist. Soak a slice of lemon for a few minutes every morning or rinse your mouth with lemon juice squeezed in a glass of water. Citric acid will deeply cleanse even the smallest molecules in the teeth.

Verdict. False.

Lemons have such a high concentration of citric acid that their juice is acidic enough to corrode the enamel. Lemon juice has no place in the mouth at all.

Lemons are more acidic than vinegar. They will be removed without whitening the teeth. I have seen patients sucking on a lemon with a slice of lemon on their teeth. Avoid it at all costs. It’s the same as brushing your teeth in a glass of cola.

So which is the best?

Strawberries are the best natural toothpaste here. They taste great, they are fantastic for the teeth, they contain antioxidants, which are also healthy. Keep them short in the summer եք let them clean your teeth naturally.

They will not push out the tiny molecules that cause tiny dye, but they will make your teeth look cleaner without damaging them.

Professional whitening, on the other hand, should be done by a trained dentist, covered with whitening toothpaste, and perhaps a mouthful of strawberries.