I’m easily obsessed with having white teeth. I drink coffee every day, I enjoy red wine, so the brush alone does not cut it to keep my teeth pearls. Whitening strips are a simple, easy, and widely available way to lighten teeth, remove stains from your favorite imperfections, such as coffee.

I have used a lot of whitening strips to get white teeth in my search, and in these experiments I have compiled my own experience of the best whitening strips you can buy right now.

Since I have tested these products sequentially, such as whitening toothpastes, gel pens, and LED packages, I cannot accurately evaluate these products for their whitening properties. Instead, I tested the whitening layers against criteria such as fit, coverage (how many teeth it covers), ease of use, sensations (such as burning gums), and length of wear.

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I tried quite a few home whitening tapes, և Rembrandt whitening strips were the best for me for a number of reasons. As a rebuttal, these layers are not my personal favorite as I have hypersensitive teeth. But I think these layers will prove to be the best for most people, thus the place above them. (Continue reading for my personal favorite լավագույն best option for sensitive teeth).

Rembrandt’s website describes whitening layers as “the maximum coverage for teeth whitening”, it’s not a lie. The width of these whitening layers is as impressive as the length. They stretched over my holes, from below, and the tape was completely folded to cover the back of my teeth. The layers also have small particles that prevent any air bubbles or uneven coverage.

Rembrandt bleach strips are also much thicker than most other brands, which I think prevents them from slipping around when you wear them. The hydrogen peroxide gel on the layers also looks thicker than other brands, և it also helps ուն stickiness.

Another great reason I loved these Rembrandt whitening ribbons. You wear them twice a day for seven days, rather than once a day for two weeks or once a day for a month. I have almost never achieved this with a 14-day or 30-day whitening package. But a week? I can definitely handle it.

Fairywill / Amazon:

I did not find these Fairywill teeth whitening strips as impressive or bad. They have some good qualities, some “eh” qualities, but they come at a great price point, which puts those “ay” things in order.

I had no problems with coverage with these bleaching layers. They completely covered my dog ​​from top to bottom, so wide that they bent all over the back of my teeth. Other than that, the Fairywill ribbons stuck well to my teeth և did not move – the main things you want in a whitening layer.

However, I can not recommend Fairywill ribbons as the best, as they had a mildly strange taste (not so bad that I could not overcome them, but it was noticeable), և they left a permanent residue on my teeth. I could drink water quickly with the other whitening layers, but with them I had to brush my teeth thoroughly to get rid of the residue.

Lumineux / Amazon:

Anyone with sensitive teeth should check out Lumineux. Of all the whitening strips I tested, these were the only ones that did not leave small white spots on the gums.

After some research, I discovered that these tiny white spots were chemical burns from bleach products, usually hydrogen peroxide. Lumineux products do not contain hydrogen peroxide; instead, they use a combination of Dead Sea salt, essential oils, coconut oil and aloe.

Despite the natural combination of ingredients, Lumineux whitening pads vibrate for “too much effort to stay healthy”, as I have tried with some other natural products (see my toothpaste whitening guide for more). The comfort and coverage were great, though they slipped a bit.

I tried them for three days in a row, so I can not talk about long-term effectiveness compared to other brands, but Lumineux conducted a clinical trial, which showed that Crest 3D Whitestrips is no more effective than Lumineux natural whitening coatings. The study, of course, was partly funded by Lumineux, so keep that in mind. I still think they deserve a shot for people with sensitive teeth and gums.

I would have to try the Lumineux strips for a longer time, that is, finish the whole box without interrupting the use of other products to see if they work as well as the products I used before. I am in favor of natural alternatives to cosmetics, but as expected, not all natural products sometimes work as well as regular ones.

Crest / Amazon:

Crest 3D Whitestrips is truly a classic. They are easy to find ին easy to use և I have used them many times before. Years have passed since they were used, so I decided to try again to see how they compare directly to other lesser-known products on the market.

I did not choose this option of teeth whitening as the best for one reason only. Cover type strokes. Especially compared to Rembrandt coatings, Crest 3D Whitestrips simply do not offer great tooth coverage. I find that they cover at least և end. They just barely reach my dogs, they change a lot because they are thin, they don’t wrap around my teeth.

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care provider if you have any questions about your medical condition or health goals.