It is not difficult to find a tooth whitener at home. Just look at the zillion online versions. But finding good Teeth Whitening At Home? One that will actually give you the bright, safe results you want? Yes, it is a challenge. Take a five-minute look through your social media updates կգ and you’ll find as many whitening product recommendations as you do skin care supplements, but if you’ve ever been fooled by dumb ads (aren’t we all), you might be a little skeptical actually works. So, to find out what the best teeth whitening layers are and how they remove stains, we turned to Greg Litucci, a cosmetic dentist at LLK Dental.

Bleaching layers really work.

They can! But they must have the right ingredients. The most effective ingredient in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. (which is dissolved in hydrogen peroxide). Dr. Litucci explains that when bleach is applied to tooth enamel for a period of time, the bleach can penetrate through the enamel into the inner tooth layer. It is here that the bleach tears the dark molecules of the stain deep inside the tooth, which then becomes whiter, brighter – all that jazz.

And, in general, bleaching layers work better than other bleaching agents that rinse quickly. As Dr. Litucci explained, the layers usually hold the bleach with the enamel for about 20 minutes, which makes them much more effective than whitening toothpastes, rinses, and mouthwashes.

Can whitening strips damage your teeth?

“Teeth whitening is safe, but some options may be more sensitive to irritation of the gums than others for the percentage of hydrogen peroxide used in whitening treatments,” Litucci explains.Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions“Of course, it is always a good idea to have your home-based product run by a dentist, and following their instructions, always read the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Which Teeth Whitening Layers Work Best?

When it comes to determining the effectiveness of home bleach, Dr. Litucci says There are two main factorsder: t:Percentage of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide contained in it; և teeth whitenerSo, with that in mind, here are 13 top teeth whitening layers, kits and products to help you get rid of these stains.

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These layers of teeth whitening approved by the dentist

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Supreme Flexfit Teeth Whitening Kit

I used Crest Whitestrips when I was very old, when I removed my braces to align some spots, ման leman says they workedՀիմա Now, a little after 8th grade (well, a very long time), և those whitening layers only improved after that. Dr. Litucci loves to catch them without slipping, which prevents them from slipping aroundև The fact that the whitening inside the layers stays in touch with the tooth enamel as long as it gets noticeable results և really whitens your teeth.


Bleaching layers that protect these gums

Bleached layers of teeth whitening proteins

Like I said, I have used whitening tapes once or twice in my life մի one drawback I find is the slight discomfort when the bleaching formula comes in contact with your gums. Fortunately, such teeth whitening kits exist as a perfect solution with a soothing chewing gum oil pen. These layers (which contain hydrogen peroxide) after one hour of wearing, Remove them ս apply the oil included in this set to soothe your gums,


This Whitening Pen և Strip Duet

Apa Beauty White Duo Teeth Whitening Set

Whitening pens are great because they are easy to use, but they are not great enough to keep the product on the tooth long enough for it to really work. You use this teeth whitening kit which: combines the ease of the pen with layer protectionApply the whitening solution (which uses carbamide peroxide) on the teeth, then wrap them in a layer (containing carbamide peroxide) to whiten one or two fists.


This whitening toothpaste

SprinJene Original Organic White Stimulating Toothpaste

For the final attempt to whiten teeth at home, Dr. Litucci suggests using two whitening layers and whitening toothpaste. Although only whitening toothpastes can not be absorbed into the enamel, whiten teeth, says Dr. Litucci they work great in conjunction with whitening layers removing stains and making teeth whiter. This whitening toothpaste is ADA approved և contains fluoride և black seed oil to protect teeth և to maintain good health.


This Whitening Toothpaste Duo:

Supersmile professional whitening system

As we work on whitening toothpaste, take a look at this dental care duo that does more than just make your breath smell good. Start by squeezing the whitening toothpaste, then add a little bleach accelerator (containing hydrogen peroxide)) և brush your teeth normally. All products in this series are vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, extremely delicate, and great for sensitive teeth.


These affordable teeth whitening tapes

Teeth whitening layers with coconut oil

Twenty dollars is still a good amount of money to spend on oral care, but in the world of teeth whitening it is almost a bargain. All these layers (which: use 6% hydrogen peroxide յուղ coconut oil) need 15 minutes to get after coffee stains, wine stains. You call it that.


These flavor whitening layers

Zimba teeth whitening strips

If you think you’re trying not to move your mouth for half an hour wearing ribbons because you hate the taste, you need these spiced strips. Back: tons of options like mint, mint, mint և winter green to choose fromYou can actually find a whitening layer for yourself like: to dress


These restless whitening layers

Lunar dissolution whitening layers

Not me need: my mouth care for a cool, well-groomed look, but hey, I’m not against that either. These layers, however, are more than just beautiful packaging. If you miss the whitening treatment because it can not stop you from going through the process, try these solutions. Apply the layers as usual Allow the hydrogen peroxide to do its job, և after 15 minutes the tape will simply dissolve so you don’t even have to tear them.


These whitening layers are for sensitive teeth

Crest 3D Whitestrips set for sensitive teeth whitening

If your teeth are very sensitive to most of the whitening layers, try this set Designed to * gently * remove stains without any stinging or tenderness that you normally feel from ordinary layers.


Express teeth whitening layers

Fairywill Express teeth whitening strips

If you have an hour left, try a whitening white coat that uses 8% peroxide to do the trick after two or three uses. If you find it difficult to get other tapes to fit snugly around your mouth ների teeth, you will really appreciate how each of these tapes It has small V-sections, making them easier to bend և Wrap in rows of teeth.


The whitening layers of this complete coverage

Rembrandt 1 week whitening set

This peroxide The layers offer coverage of the entire lot, which is great not only for whitening the fronts of your teeth, but also for whitening your back so that your smile is whiter and brighter on all sides.


This set of teeth whitening with LED light

AuraGlow teeth whitening set with LED light

Let’s be honest, if you do not like to wear the product, you will want to use it. If you hate brushing and prefer to use a tray instead, try this set of teeth whitening at home. Fill in: tray whitening gel (made of 35% carbamide peroxide), then let it work.


This charcoal toothpaste

Do not damage the dirt with activated charcoal

Many people who prefer whitening treatment without peroxide prefer charcoal toothpaste instead. Such natural toothpaste or toothpaste relies on abrasive ingredients clean the outer stains aka surface level spots.

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