C:Insult and red wine take most of the blame when we talk about food-coloring foods and drinks, but they are not really the worst drinks to paint your teeth. (That honor belongs to … tea) Similarly, there are other unexpected foods that stain teeth.

Dr. Roshan Parich, DDS, CandidPro Clinical Growth Ambassador, says that there are two buckets that contain the most common causes of tooth decay: dental health և lifestyle. The first includes aging և genetics, in addition to certain medications, previous infections, etc. “Our teeth naturally lose their luster with age. Enamel, which mainly helps keep your teeth pearly white, becomes thinner and translucent, which makes dentin more visible,” he explains. “As a result, your teeth may turn more yellow over time,” he explains. He adds that there is a genetic component in the thickness of your enamel.

Lifestyle is the bucket in which what you eat and drink falls into. “From a global perspective, it is difficult to force a rating the worst Food that can stain teeth, but a good rule that I share with my patients is this. “Anything that can paint a white shirt can paint your teeth,” says Dr. Parikh.

However, there are three foods that people say they are surprised to learn when they dye their precious pearl whites. And by the way, there is absolutely no reason to stop eating or drinking any of them, just follow the advice of Dr. Parikh below to help you avoid the inevitable dirt.

3 Unexpected Foods That Contaminate Teeth

1. Tomato-based dishes and dark sauces

Alas, pigmented foods such as tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, and even ketchup are very acidic, which can damage tooth enamel. This applies to tomato-based dishes, such as pizza and pasta. “In addition, spices and dark foods can cause a more immediate stain,” adds Dr. Parikh. (Remember what the dentist said about foods that can stain a white shirt և tend to stain teeth). This includes balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, dark carbonated beverages such as cola, dark chocolate, coffee, red wine and more.

Rinsing your mouth with water after eating something with tomato sauce, or any other dark-colored or highly pigmented ingredient, can help your teeth fight stains.

2. Bright, rich-toned fruits

This is also the reason why your teeth tend to turn purple և continue to tint purple. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates and raspberries last longer on the teeth than other fruits (or food in general), which can cause spots, he says. This is because the microscopic organic particles in these fruits have the potential to penetrate the enamel pores of your teeth and stay attached. Oral hygiene varies greatly from person to person, so each tooth will respond differently to pigmented food. however, if your teeth are particularly prone to this type of staining, you may notice more persistent spots over time.

3. Sports and energy drinks

Typical sports drinks, such as Gatorade և Powerade, are high in sugar. “The high sugar content attracts bacteria that can weaken the enamel,” explains Dr. Parikh. These drinks are also very sour և the same goes for energy drinks. They have the ability to cause spots later on in 2012. In a study that measured the “fluoride level, pH” acidity of many popular, commercially available energy drink brands. “Enamel dissolution has been measured as an in vitro weight loss multiple effect model consisting of a repetitive short-acting effect of these drinks, replacing the effect of artificial saliva.” Scientists have found that energy and sports drinks are closely linked to the breakdown of enamel, which contributes to the appearance of spots. They, however, decided that energy drinks were significantly worse for the teeth. after exposure to sports drinks. The titratable acidity is a possible predictor of enamel dissolution և its effect on enamel weight loss is inversely related to the pH of the beverage.

How To Prevent Tooth Stains From Food

Finally, there is good news. Dr. Parikh says that proper dental hygiene – brushing your teeth, brushing your teeth, after eating – before going to bed, can minimize the effect of these և other foods on your enamel. If you eat or drink anything acidic, be sure to wait about 15 minutes before brushing to avoid damaging the enamel. He says his favorite tool is the Philips Sonicare Power toothbrush, which he has been using for 15 years.

And if you want to minimize the stains that already exist, then over-the-counter և specialized whitening products can help fight the stains, he says.

“However, all the chemicals in the body are so different that what works best for you may be a mixed diet, so talk to your dentist first or do your research, where experts write unbiased, objective views.” says Dr. Parikh shares. “If you combine this with oral hygiene and regular cleaning at the dentist, you can minimize the effects of the tooth-painting process as you get out of it.”

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