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With the growth of “clean” skin care and hair care, we are more than ever aware of what we keep in our bathroom cabinets. But what about what we put in our mouths? Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to caring for our teeth, from toothpaste to charcoal impregnated toothpaste.

So what is natural toothpaste?

Dr. Theo Ciutis, director of dentistry at MyHealthcare Clinic, a private healthcare business led by clinics in London, explains that natural toothpastes are almost what they say on tin.

“Natural toothpastes are made from natural ingredients, the most common of which are sodium bicarbonate and clay, but anything that has a cleansing effect on the teeth or removes plaque can be used,” he begins. “In modern day toothpaste, people want to have a better taste, attractive in terms of marketing, not just in terms of functionality.”

Over time, as Dr. Ciutis adds, people have taken sodium bicarbonate, added glycerin-like things to make a paste, and added other elements to change the color and taste. “It is said that natural toothpastes do not have some ingredients that can be very useful for the teeth, such as fluoride or enamel restorative ingredients.”

Will Natural Toothpaste Really Clean My Teeth?

“What we want is for patients to use toothpaste that will help them remove plaque from their teeth so they can be safe and healthy,” explains Dr. Ciutis. “Whether they use natural or chemical ingredients, it’s the same from a dentist’s point of view.

“Toothpaste will not only clean the teeth, but will help remove tartar from the teeth. You can also find charcoal-containing natural toothpastes. ”

Organic toothpaste

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What should I look for in a natural toothpaste?

Dr. Theo Ciutis explains that from his point of view, fluoride is still a must, as it protects against decay, enamel restorative substances, depending on your social or dietary habits, such as smoking or drinking a lot of tea and coffee, a kind of bleach. “Bleaching agents are usually acids և with unnatural eggs, we usually use carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, which is stable, naturally separated from oxygen և water,” he says.

“One substance that can be found in nature is strawberries. Strawberry white heart acid can be used as a bleach, but it is very difficult to make at home, it is not recommended. However, the use of strawberries will help. ” How much do you know, huh?

However, for those who seek to avoid fluoride overdose (although this is not usually the case with dental hygiene but with fluoridated water), which can rarely lead to fluorosis. According to the NHS, dental fluorosis can lead to minor cosmetic defects, such as white spots on the teeth, fluoride intake, and cancer research.

Are you ready to try natural toothpaste yourself? Here are our top picks (including some fluoride-free options).

Georganics Natural mineral toothpaste

Georganics makes natural toothpaste in the form of paste, powder or tablet. They use organic ingredients և have kits that contain peppermint oil, activated charcoal, eucalyptus, orange և mint. Their entire packaging is recyclable, making them a good planet for your teeth.

Activated charcoal tooth whitening toothpaste – Pro Teeth Whitening Co.

Teeth Whitening Pro:

7.99 £:

Pro Teeth Whitening Co. The company’s activated charcoal toothpaste is designed to whiten teeth with natural ingredients. The charcoal is finely ground to ensure that the tooth enamel is not damaged, making it the perfect whitening option for those with sensitive teeth.

Jason Natural Cosmetics Powersmile toothpaste

Jason Natural cosmetics

4.75 £:

Jason Powersmile toothpaste does not use sulfates, artificial preservatives or artificial colors. Instead, it is packaged in peppermint oil to freshen the breath and kill harmful bacteria. Besides, it tastes like grapes.

Lush’s Toothy Tabs were OG’s natural toothpaste for many of us և they still stand today. These hard toothpaste tablets are very easy to use են ideal for travel, just chew, then wipe with a damp toothbrush և finally rinse. Mint flavored, their list of ingredients uses only 12 products.

Kingfisher Mint toothpaste with fluoride 100 ml

My fisherman

3.69 £:

Kingfisher makes natural toothpaste without the use of artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives, instead using natural ingredients such as dill, strawberry and mint. They are all in the traditional toothpaste squeezing tube, so they can be a good choice for people who do not like the idea of ​​using toothpaste from a jar or the mess of powdered toothpaste. And for those who are looking for a fluoride-free toothpaste …

Kingfisher Fluoride Free Dill Toothpaste 100ml

My fisherman

3.69 £:

Another great option from Kingfisher, only fluoride-free for those who are trying to avoid it.

Fennel & Propolis toothpaste 50 ml

Green people

85 4.85:

Green people’s dill և propolis toothpaste is intended for people with sensitive teeth and gums. Its ingredients include organic dill, cloves, cinnamon, as well as propolis. It is 100% natural և uses 86% organic ingredients. It is easy to use as it comes in a traditional compressed toothpaste tube.

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