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Did you raise your hands if you drank too much coffee during the block? Have you noticed yours? teeth: Do you look a little dull? Can’t stand seeing people after quarantine? If so, it’s time to dump her and move on.

Whether you are looking for a budget to buy whitening toothpaste or after a DIY treatment approved by a dentist, see our recommendations below…

The best set of teeth whitening created by dentists

in the center of attention

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening System,. 39.95, Beauty Bay


Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening System includes a complete 14-day whitening layer course և free 100ml whitening toothpaste. Created by dentist Lisa և Dr. Vanessa Creven, both products contain active whitening hydrogen peroxide, which has been clinically proven to whiten teeth. The system whitens teeth gradually և at home safely. Apply layers for one hour a day for 14 days և apply toothpaste to polish teeth և to achieve real results without sensitivity.


The best tooth whitening pen with the back of celebrities


Moon Oral Care Kendall Jenner Whitening Pen, 19.95 £, Beauty Bay


Selected by Kendalls, the Moon Oral Care Signature Whitening Pen is designed for instant shine, long-lasting whitening. Elixir III owner antioxidant blend with honeysuckle flower extract, strawberry extract, lavender oil, fresh vanilla mint flavor will make your smile shine.

The best luxury teeth whitening collection

icy bear

Icy Bear Dental Care, 17 17.99, Icy Bear Dental Care:


Shine like a diamond with Icy Bear Dental Care for the next level of luxurious teeth whitening. Founded by a stellar duo of facial aesthetics: stars The real housewives of Cheshire, Doctors Hannah և Martin Kinsella, Icy Bear Dental Care is a professionally available luxury for your smile.

A professionally crafted toothpaste contains the finest diamond powder, a natural abrasive that reduces stains by polishing the enamel surface to restore teeth to their natural whiteness. The layers also stand out from the competitors. After applying them, they dissolve quickly within 10-15 minutes, making them ideal for use on a full day, without messy gels or residues on the teeth.

The best teeth whitening toothbrush that cleans և whitens during brushing


Foreo Isa 3:, £ 149, Foreo:


With Sonic Pulse technology, IssaTM 3 delivers up to 11,000 high-intensity pulses per minute to break and remove the plate while massaging the gums. However, unlike other electric brushes on the market, issaTM 3 is designed to work effectively with the natural hand brush gesture you use throughout your life, rather than replacing it with completely different movements without the hassle of a perfect cleaning mode.

Issa 3 is a brilliant brush. Complete cleaning of teeth, gums, tongue և cheeks in 1. The head of the new hybrid wave brush has twice as strong silicone brush ցածր low battery indicator.

The best set of teeth with the least sensitivity


Smile Science Harley Street Teeth Whitening Kit, 15.95 £, feel unique


This set provides stain removal սպիտակ teeth whitening results for up to 8 shades for more sensitive teeth in just 10 days. Safe և Easy to use at home, Pre-Stain Remover effectively removes stains before the whitening gel activates the 5-point Blue LED Accelerator Light to enhance the teeth whitening process for a ‘fast, long-lasting’ result.

The best teeth whitening pen for current whitening


Teeth whitening pen, 19 pounds, Swiss clinic


Introducing an effective teeth whitening tool, perfect for those who want a quick tooth refresh in a short time. The teeth whitening pen is very easy to use և quickly reduces discoloration.

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The best toothpaste with the best budget


Colgate’s Max White Ultimate Whitening toothpaste, 10 pounds, shoes


Colgate’s Max White Ultimate Whitening toothpaste is the first 2 enzyme whitening toothpaste with a professional whitening ingredient – hydrogen peroxide. The formula is powered by non-abrasive bleaching technology, which consists of three main components that work in synergy to achieve the best results. It safely removes stains from food, coffee, wine and even tobacco under the enamel surface.

Why add water to your dental regimen?

water bottle

Waterpik Water Flosser, 9 109.40, Amazon


Dr. Kamala Aydazada Kensington Cosmetic Dentistry is advised to discontinue over-the-counter medications and invest in a water towel instead. “These home appliances direct water flow to your teeth նդ gums և have been shown to reduce plaque և improve overall gum health. I recommend using water floss as a supplement to your regular brush և floss routine. ”

He also suggests reducing the consumption of colored beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, carbonated beverages, as well as watching how many sugary snacks you eat.

The expert also suggested waiting for a snack or brushing your teeth after eating. “Wait 30-60 minutes before doing this, especially after eating sour.”

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